Thursday, June 26, 2014

Upper Summers Meadow Road - Bridgeport, Ca

We found another great spot near Bridgeport, CA to camp. There are two sites: one on each side of the river. The first is wide open with no shade. It can accommodate almost any size rig. This is a large turn around area. I suggest you use it to check and see if you can use the site on the other side of the river, which is nicer. The site does have an established fire pit.

The GPS location is 38.15368 -119.25857

On the other side of the river is a well shaded and grassy area. Stop at the previous site to scout this site. There are some low hanging branches. Between these two sites is a small river/creek that I have observed people fishing in. This side of the river has a few established fire pits.

To get to these sites, turn on Green Creek Road just north of Virgina Creek Settlement and just south of Bridgeport. Follow Green Creek Road until you see the sign for Upper Summers Meadow Road and veer right. When you get to the river you will see the sites. Just pull past the first site and park to scope out the area before pulling in.

Here is an aerial view

Not much here except for fishing and camping. There isn't much hiking terrain in this area. There are a few spots to camp farther up the road, but if occupied you may have a hard time turning around.


  1. Just found your blog via a comment you left on RV Sue's. We're getting close to hitting the road, too. Only 6 more months to go! We like to camp like you and your wife do so we really appreciate bloggers who post this information (especially those GPS coordinates). Thanks! and keep counting those weeks! Grace (in Tucson)


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