Idyllwild California - San Jacinto Ranger District - Yellow Post Sites


Drove up the hill to review the yellow post sites in Idyllwild. The first 3 sites reviewed were closed due to the mountain fire earlier this year. To top things off there was also a flood a month ago and flooded those sites. All 3 are closed for now but should reopen next spring.

To find sites 1-3 turn off of hwy 243 east from Keen Camp on the road to Hurkey Creek Campground. Keep right and follow road for about a mile and you will notice the yellow post makers near the road. You may notice many spaces open that look like you can camp there -- don't be fooled. I spoke to the rangers and they verified that it is illegal to camp anywhere there is no yellow post. I suggest that you call the forest service office prior to arriving to see the status of each of these sites. 909-382-2921

Site 1 is hard to get to from the sign below.  I would not suggest trailers going to this site due to the uneven and  narrow road that leads to it. If you can get to this site from the site 2 entry, there will be and easier drive. This site is best for car/tent camping or someone with a truck camper.

Site 1
Picnic table and fire pit
There is enough room for about 4 cars or trucks.

GPS Coordinates
33.67662, -116.66766

Site 2
Picnic table and fire pit
This site can accommodate large rigs or trailers. Even enough room for 2 rigs. This site has a great view of the valley.

GPS Coordinates
33.67881, -116.66544

Site 3 - I rate 5 stars
Picnic table and fire pit
This is a secluded site that could accommodate large rigs. You could fit all your friends at this site. I would say at least 5 trailers could fit. Easy turn around area.

GPS Coordinates
33.65076, -116.65487

Morris Ranch Road Yellow Post Site - This site is so great I should not even post it....

2 picnic tables and one fire pit

To arrive at this site, take hwy 234 and turn onto Morris Ranch Road. You will see a fire department on the corner. Drive about 1.5 miles until you see this gate. This site is about a half mile beyond this gate. This site can accommodate almost any size trailer or class A RV. You will notice there is enough room for maybe 6 rigs at this location. Easy turn around. This is a seldom used site -- I assume it's because of the gate. I first found this site hiking in the area. What a find....

GPS Coordinates
33.63948, -116.59249


Now on to the yellow post sites up Little Thomas Mountain.

The first site is about 3 hundred yards off of hwy 234 on 6S13. This site is huge with enough room for at least 5 or 6 rigs and is far enough off the hwy not to hear road noise.

Picnic table and fire pit.

If you continue up this road you will find the other sites. None of these sites are suitable for trailer camping. I would suggest a 4x4 truck to make it to the top of the mountain. Very rough, narrow road. Expect scratches on your vehicle. You might be able to get a small popup trailer up there from the other direction. I will post pictures for the curious.


  1. Morris Ranch site had a ton of cow poop. They apparently herd cattle in the area. Lots of flies.

  2. Ya, I saw that last weekend when I went up there. I saw the cows come in the the area at night to sleep. Very disappointing all the poop. Since the fire restrictions in place for the rest of the summer, I think it will be all dried up for Fall. Thanks gain Ryan for reporting.

  3. Hi Massey Family! Thank you for an awesome and informative post! I really want to check out that 4th site this weekend and was wondering how difficult the roads are to these sites. I have a 2003 honda accord that runs like a champ but definitely not 4wheel drive or anything fancy. Do you think I'd be ok to drive to this location?


    1. You could get a car up there if it was dry. It is rough, but doable. You will get scratch on your car.


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