Thursday, June 26, 2014

Buckeye Creek - Bridgeport, Ca

This is an awesome site with a natural hot spring near by. This is a picture from up the hill looking down. GPS Coords: 38.239006, -119.331695

This is the location from eye level. This is the last camping spot along a short spur road just over the bridge from Buckeye Creek. You will first get to an open area that can accommodate a group of rigs of almost any size. Then there a couple for smaller sites before you get to the one pictured below.

This is a picture of the river from about where the truck is in the above picture.

To get to these beautiful sites from Bridgeport, CA turn on Twin Lakes Road (where the shell station is) and follow it until you get to Doc and Al's campground. Turn right on Buckeye Road and cross over a small creek. Just on the other side of the creek is the first of many places to camp, but continue up the road and follow it past many other sites. Once you cross over the next bridge (about 2 miles up) veer right and you will be there.

Here is an aerial view

There is a campground if you follow the road to the left but it can't accommodate larger rigs. If you follow the road to the right you will find one more decent site just up the hill.


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