Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mojave National Preserve - Hole in the Wall Area

This first site is on the way to hole in the wall visitor center on Black Canyon Road.

This is a large area, but will need to be walked before you go all the way in, to make sure there is space for you rig. I have seen large class As there. Also, camp up next to a rock outcropping to break any wind from the south.

These next two sites are up the road a few miles and would be good for smaller rigs due to the space available to turn around.  35.024341, -115.383630 

These sites are across the road from each other, so it would be nice to camp with family or friends.


The last site is right behind the Rigs trail hike and the hole in the wall visitor center.

For all these sites, water/trash and dump station are near by at the Hole in the Wall campground just up the road..

Enjoy these boondocking sites.

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