Monday, February 3, 2014

Chakras realigned....

The wife and I jumped in the truck early Saturday morning to find our little piece of happiness near the dry lake bed in Joshua Tree, CA. After we arrived without a generator I realized my batteries were low and wouldn't  run the furnace for the entire night. The temp was already 50° and wind was howling. So we ate lunch, packed up and and cruised up the hill 2 more miles to Joshua Tree Lakes Campground where we got ourselves a site with electricity and promptly turned on the electric heater and setup the TV.

One sight we wanted to see was Giant Rock. Giant Rock is just that -- a giant rock near the town of Landers, CA. On our way out to Giant Rock we had heard about a place called Intregratron and wanted to see what it was all about. After getting directions from the camp host we headed out. We came upon this sign.

We turned in to the lot and were greeted by a nice man asking if we were here for the "Sound Bath." We said we just wanted to look around at first, so we parked and walked into the compound and found one of my favorite things, hammocks! So I got in to test drive a hammock in the hammock village!

The Integratron!

 The Integratron is a pretty cool place.  The upstairs has the kind of acoustics where you can whisper at one end of the building and a person directly across from you at the other end can hear you as if through an amplifier.  And the acoustics are what make the Sound Baths so intense.  You lie on the floor on mats and a woman "plays" quartz crystal bowls (the way you would play wine glasses
).  The sound reverberates throughout the dome, creating a strange, pleasant, relaxing effect.  The sound bath lasts for about 25 minutes and you are encouraged to rest and relax (and soak up the good vibrations) for another half hour or so.  We enjoyed it and may well come again some time.  Our chakras get way out of whack and need to be realigned periodically....

Now on to Giant Rock. Not nearly as big as I have heard but still impressive. Giant Rock is only about 3.5 miles from Integratron down a dirt road that for most of the way is great.  After a few miles you will hit the "whoops". Still passable with cars but I think trucks will fair much better.

The rock itself is impressive but has been all but ruined by the graffiti on the rock and on all the rocks that surround it. Still worth seeing if you are near by, but I wouldn't go out of my way to get there.

Now to the boondocking sites near here.

Dry lake bed near Joshua Tree. 34.16637 -116.22926 Great spot but note this is also a OHV area.
Near Giant Rock. 34.33263 -116.388862 All surrounding area is open for boondocking and is also OHV area.

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